Friday Faceoff: Master Bedrooms

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It’s time for Friday Faceoff!  Each week I show you two beautiful but very different pictures of the same type of room and you let me know which you prefer and why.  I love hearing your feedback!

This week we’re looking at two master bedrooms.  The pictures are both courtesy of Houzz.  Both rooms are blue, which is always a popular choice for bedrooms because it’s soothing and promotes sleep.  But that’s where the similarities end!

The first master bedroom is from a peaceful lakeside retreat that’s got lots of light, beautiful detail on the ceiling, and light blue walls that mesh well with the clean, no-fuss vibe:


The second master bedroom is also blue and also boasts beautiful architectural detail on the ceiling, but has a more sophisticated feel with its square overhead lighting and richer blue wall color:


Which master bedroom is more your style? I’d love to hear from you!